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"Together, we can break the trance imposed by the mass media and reveal the true story about what really happened on 9/11. Please help us in our efforts to change the course of history.  Your  support could make all the difference."






Special Triple Issue # 11   Spring / Summer 2006

"The Legend of 9/11" Now Playing ... Near You     Editorial
Film Review "United 93"    Barrie Zwicker
A Defiant Sheen Challenges Official 9/11 Fable on National TV
Prosecuting Moussaoui, The Token Terrorist Behind 9/11
Venezuelan Government Urged to Launch an International 9/11 Investigation    Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Table of Contents

Cover Art

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

Back Cover

Inside Back Cover

Some Recent US Government Cover-Ups and Dirty Tricks
Former German Minister Says WTC 7 Was Used as Command Center to Run 9/11 Attacks   Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Professor Steven Jones Demolishes the Official Story in a Utah College Auditorium     Philip Sherman Gordon
Art Truth and Politics   Harold Pinter - Final Word

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