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"Together, we can break the trance imposed by the mass media and reveal the true story about what really happened on 9/11. Please help us in our efforts to change the course of history.  Your  support could make all the difference."


9/11: Solving the Greatest Crime of All Time
The Best of Global Outlook #1-10, Vol 1

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March 2008

Dear Global Outlook Donor,

I have some really good news for you! Thanks to you and over 100 other generous donors, we have raised enough money to publish our ground-breaking NEW book: “9/11: Solving the Greatest Crime of All Time – The Best of Global Outlook, Vol. 1”! As promised, complimentary copies of our new book will be sent to all donors. These will be sent in one bulk mailing by the end of March.

It is the result of six years of our collective efforts to expose the truth and lies about 9/11. We have pulled together all the best articles from the back issues of Global Outlook and compiled them in this 352-page book which summarizes our march toward the revelation that the ‘official story’ of 9/11 is ONE BIG LIE.

As you know, the publishing business is challenging – especially 9/11 Truth publishing – so this fund-raising drive has been a miracle of sorts. I wish to sincerely thank everyone involved for your generous contribution.

Please let others know about our new book and what a great tool it is to help you convince ‘fence-sitters’ that the official story of 9/11 was indeed a HUGE HOAX designed to trick us into going to war in the Middle East. We are all witnessing the tragic results of the outcome of that great deception. For the complete Table of Contents: Click here.

Please help us spread the word by purchasing extra copies of this book and giving them to your friends or, if you wish, sell them at any of your various events. (Consignment copies are available for qualified resellers.) Here’s a link to where you can purchase copies: Click Here.

Please help us make publishing history by promoting “9/11: Solving the Greatest Crime of All Time” whenever you get a chance. Thanks again VERY MUCH to all those who donated.

Yours truly,

Ian Woods


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