September 2, 2002

Dear Sirs:       

Re: Sept. 11th last year
   My first thought on hearing the news  was that either the plane's pilot had been suddenly and massively stricken, or that some madman had got hold of the controls.  It was a frightening event.  No one but a madman (or kamikazi pilot) would deliberately do such a thing as plow into a building.
   But taking the actions of all three planes together, from a wide range of sources thanks especially to Global Outlook - the event now has context.  But it has implications one hates to consider, namely, a U.S. home grown plot.  One fact remains inexplicable.  The stark fact is that all those ready to launch U.S. defense planes did not scramble to intercept the first, the second, or even the third wayward flyer intruding sensitive air space.
   Has anybody really explained that, or can it be true that indeed it was (perhaps is) a plot too vile to speak of, too chilling to contemplate?
   It is downright dangerous to see the likes of Rumsfeld and Cheney at the top.  There is so much play-acting, so much bellicose language, so much ignorance, which threatens us all.
   Maybe there are madmen driving, not the planes, but U.S. policy.
Sincerely, and with many thanks for your excellent work,

Mary from Vancouver, B.C.

September 19, 2009

Hey Ian,
Thanks a million for the masterful issue of Global Outlook. Much good information in there. You have done a good job.
Let's keep plugging, old friend.

Brad Chapman from Toronto, Ontario

April 2, 2003

Dear Editors,
   Thank you ever so much for your prompt mailing to me my order.  I find the book scary but very interesting.  Hence I am sending another order to go to Alberta.  We must get ourselves informed as fast and best we can against this evil bunch.
Thanks Again,

Vivian from Cartier, Manitoba

February 9, 2005

Dear Editor,
Re: Issue #9 - 2004/2005, Your Editorial: "A Much Better World is Possible."
You rightly say:
   "Whichever candidate won really didn't matter... In fact, Kerry pledged 100,000 more troops... Clearly American-style democracy is dysfunctional... Today it would better be called 'mis-representative' democracy, because immediately upon getting elected, we practically expect most politicians to break their promises and deliberately mis-represent us... A much better world is possible... Call it what you will... or simply direct democracy."
   You are aware that the political-administrative system, anywhere on the globe and any time in history, was and is a system of rule not representation and of course not of service. A society selects some people to represent it but experience teaches that the elected begin ruling immediately after they occupy the chair. As a matter of fact, representative democracy was never meant to serve the people in the first place.
   About three centuries ago, when the House of Lords in England allowed laborers to vote, they gave them the right to elect two people to represent them, but those two had to be from, you guessed it, from the House of Lords, not even from the House of Commons. So, whenever the poor class complained about a painful condition, their two representatives, as One would expect, did not come to labors' aid, usually, but also were enabled, now, to suppress labor by claiming:
   "Hey, we have a mandate from you, from the laborers"
   "Sirs, we have been elected lawfully by none other than you!"
   "Guys, not satisfied by our ruling? You still have a chance to change your servers, in a democratic fashion, by electing two lords other than the present, next time!"
   You said it right. Direct Democracy is the cure to our social system, but you hardly touch on that subject. From my perspective, Direct Democracy is THE subject to be seriously addressed today, not only by writing about it but also by organizing for it. To me, it seems, that the time of talk is over and the call for creating a nucleus is ripe! Actually, I have some news for you; in his book, "The Future Commons", the author clearly arrives at Direct Democracy, even lays the theoretical foundation how to establish such a system of service, so that society can serve itself, by itself, not through what you rightly call mis-representatives. 
   Not all of a society of millions can assemble in a stadium to decide/vote on a certain matter, the author, therefore organizes society into 'Cells' of twenty, the smallest unit, to 'Hives' of twenty cells and so on to arrive at, 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 = 63,000,000 families or about 200,000,000 people and only in five such units, or four Billion in six units. The 'Cell' delegates one of its members to the 'Hive' to carry and argue it's decision. The 'Hives' consisting of twenty 'Cells', delegates one of its members to the higher unit and so on.
   It is not the place here to elaborate on the organization of the society at large, but a word could be said that Rule would not like Direct Democracy because it is the true democracy. Rule would be exposed to abhor that very democracy it touts for. If it allows Direct Democracy, Rule would be challenged and beaten. Even it would fall of its own accord! Rule would rather say:
   "Let the gullible herd of people vote, they only give us the mandate to say: 'Hey, it was YOU who gave us the mandate! So be quiet, we have plenty to do in caring for you, yet you can change your mis-representatives in the next vote.'"

Toufee from Woodbridge, NJ

Readers Comments

"Letters to the Editor of Global Outlook Magazine"

July 27, 2002

   It was very good of you to send me Issue # 1 of your excellent magazine.  I've shown # 2 to a number of friends, especially the 9-11 articles, and they were very interested.  There's so much information in your magazine that we don't get in the U.S.!
   One of the good radio personalities on our very politically aware radio station WRPI, 91.5 FM (in Troy NY, a short distance from Albany ~ which has 10,000 watts) read the entire 9-11 section of # 2 on her show last week and repeated the name of the magazine and the website at least 10 times!
   I hope all is going well and that your great work will continue.
With best wishes, 

Joan from Albany, New York

September 13, 2009

To Ian woods, Barrie Zwicker, Terry Burrows and last but not least, Jennifer;
   Well folks, Issue #13 of GO certainly isn't unlucky by a long shot !
   Waited a long time for it, and, it was worth the while. Was concerned though, that you wouldn't have another issue, and what a loss that would have been, for not getting the truth printed!!!  Reading through the magazine, was riveted to my seat for hours!
   Very clever way of "jump starting" by "identifying the Invisible Government, and just enough to capture one's attention. Organization, well thought out, information easily understood. The article "The Truth is Not Enough" by Ken Jenkins, was very important as it saves a lot of time, in explanations. Having the transcripts of "Loose Change" etc., SMART! Part Six and Seven, extremely illuminating.  You guys certainly know your stuff.
   I have brush up on the meanings of the Monetary language though. DIRECT DEMOCRACY / An Idea Whose Time Has Come, (Thanks Ian, very much appreciated.) Could spend hours more on comments etc., but the message has been made that THIS ISSUE IS A MUST FOR UNDERSTANDING THE CROSSROADS THAT WE ARE NOW APPROACHING!
   Out of a possible ten, I rate this a 9 3/4 (no one is perfect!)  Also, I'm doing my best in getting the message across by already purchasing 13 copies, to give them out as gifts, so there, I have shown the proof of my convictions! (Final note: 13th of the month, 13 copies of Issue #13.)

Roy Lukas from Toronto, Ontario

June 16, 2002

   Thanks to WBAI-Pacifica in New York, I heard of Global Outlook and was able to subscribe in time to receive the first edition.
   I am 64 years old, have been reading all my life, and Global Outlook is the very first magazine that I have ever felt compelled to read from cover to cover.  Skipping even one article gives me the feeling that I would be missing something really important.
   After reading volume 2, I handed it to a friend in Brazil and hope that others will be introduced to Global Outlook. If you have subscriptions for more than one year, please advise me.
   Keep up the valuable work and good luck. 


Patrick from New York

July 08, 2008

Dear Ian and Jennifer,
   I am responding a little too late to your letter of May 15, 2008. At the same time I acknowledge the receipt of your latest letter of June 27, 2008.
   Dear Ian and Jennifer and whoever is also involved! After having read your letter of May 15 I was almost in tears. You did and you do so much for so little. I mean 'little' in terms of money or other material benefit. Your reword is immeasurable in terms of goodness which you render to the humankind. Hopefully, the victory of your (our) Truth will be your Crown of Achievement which will be more precious that any royal crown in the world. Your effort, your deeds, your work will for ever stay shining before the Humanity as jewels of human solidarity, courage and personal sacrifice. I thank you for what you did, as outlined in your letter of May, and for everything else what you do.
   I hope, indeed I am convinced, that Truth, Justice and Peace will prevail over the dark forces of deceit, oppression and brutality. I will always support you in whichever way I can. If my health permits I will be with you in March on Ottawa on Parliament Hill on 11th of September.
   By then I wish you all the best, namely good health and lots of strength in pursuing your (our) goals. I greet you cordially,

Your brother-in-arms, Jan Zvalo

December 28, 2009

   Thanks very much for sending the 13th edition of Global Outlook, which is a great read. I've read every article in it. As well as discussing the various military-style FFO's throughout modern history, it was also excellent that you included articles on the finance and pharmaceutical industries and their deceptive agendas. There is so much going on in the world today that screams out for a more critical analysis, such as is contained in your publication.

Regards, John Payne from Sydney, Australia

September 26, 2009

I commend you and your team on the special edition of Global Outlook. It's really a very impressive piece of work. I think it should be on every desk in every History classroom in North America!

Debora Blake from Paris, France

April 10, 2002

   Thanks for the copies of the premiere issue of Global Outlook.  From a first quick browse-through, I can see that it contains a lot of information and insight on the post-9/11 universe that is not readily available to most Canadians.  You are providing a much-needed 'outlook' that exposes and counters the neo-liberal propaganda that passes for news in the mainstream media.    

Ed from Ottawa, Ontario

July 24, 2003

   Several months ago, on a leisure trip to Chicago, Illinois, I came across Global Outlook in an "alternative bookstore" near the residence of the friends I was visiting. After looking around a bit, I noticed the cover of issue #3, containing a picture of war protesters and a sign featuring George W. and the caption "Big Bully".
   Preparations for war with Iraq were well underway (my great leaders having already obliterated much of Afghanistan) and I was in full Anti-Bush mode. Furthermore, I harbored the idea (consistently dismissed by my peers as a 'conspiracy theory') that 9/11 was nothing more than a staged event allowing the United States government to take decisive action in the middle east without incredible scrutiny by the rest of the world.
   I delved into the material you presented with great fervor, disseminating the information I learned within the pages to anyone who would listen. People still dismissed my ramblings as "Conspiracy Theory", but at least I had the facts. Timetables and sources other than the US corporate media giants to cite in my arguments.
   I suppose, as with all things, my interest began to wane and I went back to working as all good "Mericans" should. My peers' constant assertations (sic.) that the war was justified on many levels, sent me back to complacency and back to believing that this may just be for the good of the world.
   I hardly read a page of issue #4. My heart just wasn't into it.
   Issue #5 however, arrived in timely fashion as I have been on a renewed kick against George W., his administration and their corporate cronies. I just finished reading this issue from cover to cover. What I had began to see as possibly leftist propaganda again has me filled with rage and incredulity.
   Your articles have a real depth to them and the inclusion of many new writers has re-ignited my fervor for learning about the events shaping US public policy. Politics and the global strategies that now define the climate on this planet.
   Thank you for your tireless work in compiling and delivering some of the finest "Alternative" material on global corporations, politics and policy.
   I am in no position to send financial support to your organization at this time. I do, however, plan to circulate all three issues of Global Outlook amongst friends, peers and colleagues (after I finish reading issue #4). I further promise to make many copies of your order forms and provide those interested with them.
   I will have to do this in between making personal outlines of the information you provide so that I may continue to empower myself with the knowledge of global policy and tactics. You have filled in many blanks for me in what has been many years of knowing, but not fully understanding, the implications of the corporate giants and their ties to world politics.
   Keep up the great work. I can only hope I can open people's eyes - and keep them open forever.

Richard from Grosse Pointe Park, MI

October 25, 2002

   I'm so glad to hear that you had a second printing of Issue one of Global Outlook.  I am enclosing a cheque for 10 copies of issue two.  I especially appreciated the 6 pages on Palestine.
   I've just celebrated my 80th birthday.  Hope I last a bit longer so I can be a rabble rouser. Cheers!

Doris from West Vancouver, B.C.

   P.S. This comes from an old Peace Calendar which I have misplaced.  You may know the poet.  I think it is so timely.  No one speaks about Bush wanting to kill thousands of people.

RITUALS OF WAR by Sandy Shreve

far from the fighting
we are bombarded with the tangled
language of propaganda
transparent turns of phrase
twisted like cat's cradles
for us to inspect and straighten
up against a simplistic truism
that truth
is the first casualty of war
or do people actually nod
as if there is wisdom in this
as though nothing in us dies
each time we reassure our children
over maps and globes
we are safe: here, riddled
with off-beat stories of war
there: that's where weapons shred lives
for whose comic relief do we
wonder at gas masks for poultry
condoms to protect gun barrels from sand
this verbal memorabilia of the absurd
is devastation's thin disguise
yet it feels like there is no end
to the appalling applause for bombs
as the curtains are drawn once more
on what we really know of war

August 25, 2009

Hello Ian,
   I just received yesterday the new issue of Global Outlook. I found the issue superlative. It's a great contribution to a progressive people's agenda. I am very thankful for your work. The focus on money, its creation and the problem of debt, and the discussion about the crisis as a willful measure, is compelling.
   Wishing you all the best,

Elias Davidsson from Alfter, Germany

October 7, 2009

   The ideologically unspeakable is what we most need to know, and never more than today when the big lies - like the official conspiracy theory of 9-11 - have been instituted as pretexts of perpetual war. Who has the courage and knowledge to stand? Global Outlook does. Its contributors do not fear to name the big lies and track them - not just about 9-11 and the 9-11 wars, but about private big-bank credit and currency creation wrested from elected governments to debt-enslave them. G.O. exposes the shadow regime while the advertising media sell it.

John McMurtry, Ph.D., F.R.S.C., Professor of Philosophy and University Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph, Ontario

January 2005

Thanks for Your Work
   I can't adequately express my gratitude for what Global Outlook is doing, with regard to the phony 9/11 terrorist attack. I agree with what one of your authors said, that because of the monstrous things that 9/11 is being used as an excuse for, 9/11 is the crucial issue now, the most important issue.
   I'm not a Republican, and I likely wouldn't agree with all of Republican presidential candidate John Buchannan's policy proposals, but he too said that 9/11 is "the mother issue of our age". Though he's a Republican, he insists on a thorough, legitimate investigation of the fishy 9/11 attack. 
   A former associate with whom I got in some arguments about 9/11 and the war on Iraq decided to post to the election-methods mailing list about my claim that there's something very fishy about the administration's 9/11 story. That gave me the opportunity to post Global Outlook's website URL, e-mail address, and phone numbers at that mailing list, along with a recommendation of Griffin's book. 
   Well, there's not much to add, except to repeat my thanks for the great work that you're doing. I agree that bringing the very questionable nature of 9/11 to the attention of more people is crucial. Your magazine at news-stands around the U.S. and Canada is accomplishing that to a great degree. 
   I hope that Global Outlook will continue to have, in each issue, the latest news about 9/11 facts and discussion, quotes from prominent people, new arguments (and preferably some previously published ones too), etc. 
   I wish every issue of Global Outlook would be a 9/11 issue. 

Mike O. via e-mail

March 7, 2002

   I am subscribing based upon the very informative radio program I heard today on WBAI radio, New York City. It is very enheartening to hear that there are others who can connect the dots!   

Terry from New York

May 18, 2002

   My Friend recommended your magazine to me.  I have been working in VOICE of Women (VOW) since 1959 and other peace organizations and I think your magazine would be a help for our work.
   USA it seems, is trying to drag us into a war with no end.  They have managed to fabricate a new enemy: 'TERRORIST'.  This word is a substitute for 'communist'. We are now to be branded with the word 'terrorist'.  It is more necessary than ever to work for PEACE.
   Please send me a one year subscription for Global Outlook.

Mary from Surrey, B.C.

March 12, 2002

   Thank you for sending me a copy of Global Outlook.  I find it an enthralling expose of the international monopoly games being played by the powerful individuals, institutions and governments of our day.  It would appear that, in preparing for future consumer demands, they treat human life and dignity like a farmer treats the ground hogs whose warrens he plows to prepare his fields for seeding.
   Even though there doesn't appear to be much that ordinary people like me can do to influence these monopoly games, I think that it is very important that we be aware of the games that are being played.  There is a new paradigm of scientific understanding called "the MISP Assumption".
   The MISP Assumption suggests that, the more that people are aware of the events that are taking place in the world, the more they will be able to influence those events, even if only subconsciously.  So I consider magazines like the Global Outlook to be very important and wish to support it in any way I can.  Enclosed is my subscription order.

Robert from Errington, B.C.

October 25, 2005

Hello Global Outlook, I am a Winnipeg subscriber to Global Outlook.
   Congratulations, you are working hard and you are doing it right.  However, I have to apologize for the citizens of North America who are not matching you at all.  Public demonstrations are a sign of weakness in a democratic society.  Citizens' en masse should be taking their case directly to their elected officials in government and give them something that has never been done in the FREE SOCIETY - INSTRUCTIONS!!!
   To name a few: The strong opposition to the New World Order by dedicated journalists and readers now must be supported by Platoon #2 - active resistance movement of 20,000,000 citizens in North America. Without this necessary adjustment, will the rising river of evil be stopped without the sandbags of active citizen challenge? No, of course not.
   Thank you.

A. Moreau from Winnipeg

Ban lobbyists from the seat of authority!
Free our government from their corporate jailers!
Insist on genuine competition between political parties
Stop media monopolization now!
Make propaganda a criminal offense!
Educate the public to stop the rip-off - not support them!
Make all government budgets state and provincial only.

April 21, 2011

   I think your work at Global Outlook probably is the most important systematic coverage of 9/11 yet, and holds the doubt of the official version alive. I wonder if and when those doubts and the investigations of all 9/11 related topics will become illegal in the USA, possibly under some anti- terrorism label. Other countries have laws making the questioning of official versions punishable with hefty fines. But maybe the combined efforts of all the mass media will be sufficient to keep the people convinced of the correctness of the official explanation of 9/11. I hope not.

Sincerely, Martin G. from Oakville, Ontario

September 3, 2009

To the Editor(s),
   I just got the latest issue that you have sent out. My jaw is still on the floor. You guys have outdone yourselves. I'm completely blown away just leafing through the damn thing. It's going to take me a while to get through this baby, but it's going to give me a lot of good information. I really liked all the good information on the corrupt banking system. What you have published in Issue 13 is a good synthesis of what it has taken me years to figure out. Keep up the good work!

Robert Johnston from Becher , Ontario

July 27, 2002

    I was scanning the shelves of my place of business (Chapters Inc. Ancaster, Ontario) and I came across this magazine "Global Outlook". I saw the bold letters on the cover "The Truth behind September 11" I was floored, immediately I opened the issue with the same excitement a child would expel while reading the next issue of his/her favorite comic book. The information held within this magazine and on your web site, not to mention Michael Ruppert's site and various Noam Chomsky web sites is information which MUST be spread. Since investing the best $5.75 + GST and PST of my life I have spread the word of truth like a religious zealot would spread the word of his or her respective god!. I have purchased all the copies I could get from my store and surrounding stores and I've handed them out to friends, relatives and acquaintances. I must tell you, I waited with a fervor like no other for the second issue of this monumental tome. So it is at this time that I wish to thank you. You personally and the whole of this movement !"There is an alternative - The truth." I couldn't agree more. Thank you!  Eyes now wide open!  

Chris from Hamilton, Ontario

September 3, 2009

Dear G.O.,
   I really liked the Global Outlook Issue 13, especially the article about 'Direct Democracy' which s very well explained, and also the article about Richard Gage and the following articles about all the scientists and academics who are really clearly seeing that the official story, as put out by the press, is an impossibility. Good work Global Outlook!

Ann Watson from Saltspring Island , BC

September 11, 2009

Dear Global Outlook,
   I just think your new issue is amazing. So much work went into it and it is so carefully planned out and put together. There is so much information in there. It must have cost a lot of produce and months of work. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and your efforts.

Mike Palecek, The New American Dream

May, 2003

   The use of War to achieve the end, which is Peace, is Antithetical. The use of War taints the user regardless of moral intent, and especially when used outside of the context of true self-defense. Peace didn't come under the fasces of Rome, the colonies of Britain nor the jackboots of Wilhelm and Adolf. Peace will come at the end of peaceful negotiation with a handshake or an embrace.
   In a Native American fable, a child asks his grandfather "Which wolf will survive (in myself), the one with hatred and avarice or the one of peace and compassion?" The grandfather answers "Whichever one we feed survives."
   We're feeding the wrong wolf.
   Imagine Peace. 

Buz from Denver, CO

September 9, 2009

Thank you for this excellent document.  The detail of the content will help many people get a better understanding of what has and is happening.  I particularly liked the pieces on 'Direct Democracy' and 'Invisible Government Strategies'. I have not completed reading the whole package but so far I am very pleased to read a document this revealing.

Darwin Marquardt, Near Ottawa, Ontario

April 12, 2002

   I want to congratulate you on the publication of the first issue of Global Outlook.  I have read it with great appreciation.  While many of the facts exposed were already known to me through my reading of such publications as the CCPA Monitor, YES Magazine and books like David Korten's  "When Corporations Rule the World", these reach only a very limited clientele.  Up till now we have lacked a popular magazine that is widely distributed that makes available to the public the details of Government decisions and dealings that it prefers to keep hidden.  Globalization with the economic disparity that accompanies it and the ecological crises we face need to be brought before the citizens. The media who are so closely tied up with corporate power are transforming rather than informing us.  It is my hope that Global Outlook will grow to fill this deficiency.

Ed from Oro Station, Ontario

August 26, 2009

Hi Editors,
   I received the box with GO magazines and poster/covers.  WOW!  It all looks great!  The magazine is fantastic, as always.
   I'll be wanting more magazines.  What is my wholesale price on them?

Ken Jenkins, Contributor, from San Rafael, CA

January 11, 2005

Dear Mr. Woods,
   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work that you are doing in making available such important information that is not available from the corporate media. This is so important for those of us who are striving for a more just and better world. I appreciate all that you and your team are doing so successfully.
   Yours Sincerely,


Clifford from Hertshire, U.K.

August 19, 2002


Terror, terror, burning bright
In the horror of the night,
What can equal or surpass 
The murder of innocents? Alas!
But see the fires burning there,
Enron, WorldCom, an unholy pair,
Fashion icon Martha Stewart, and Cheney too,
Fold in oil tycoons for a toxic brew;
Around the corner, the scoundrels at Xerox;
Stock markets get the jitters and hit the rocks!
Arthur Anderson, Vivendi and ImClone
Global Crossing, Merrill Lynch and others unknown;
Nortel Networks and Hydro's Clitheroe
A global pandemic in full flow!
It's corporate terrorism on the loose,
Here, there, and everywhere, the hangman's noose.
Shattered savings while jobs explode
And transnationals and banks implode.
Havoc follows frantic financiers --
Electronic trillions kill, loosing a flood of tears.
A belated beep from booby Bush
A cry of false outrage - a hidden blush
About corporate chicanery, and worse.
And through it all not a glimmer of remorse;
As Bush piously pillories corporate stealing
While covering up his own stock dealing.
And bangs the drum to keep his "War" on course.

Mark from Thornhill, Ontario

March 15, 2002

   Thank you for a copy of your introductory issue of "Global Outlook".  The articles clearly represent the side of the issue we are seldom exposed to in the media.  It helped me to understand the conflict more clearly.  After reading every word in your magazine, I highlighted sections that I intend to keep in mind whilst information in the media is presented daily.
   Excellent work.  I hope my small donation of $25.00 helps out.   

Tres from Sidney, B.C.

"Together, we can break the trance imposed by the mass media and reveal the true story about what really happened on 9/11"

April 29, 2003

Dear Sirs,
   Thank you for sending me Issue No. 4 of Global Outlook. I was under the weather and just got around to reading it, cover to cover. It is dead-on.
   I agree 100% with everything written because I read papers and watch television, I am aware of everything that had gone on in the world and see it as it is.
   Nobody mentions anywhere that George Bush does not care how much damage he has to do or how many people he has to kill to get his way.
   Since the American's control the media, the average person hasn't a clue as to what has and is going on in Iraq.
   Whether the so-called war is over, whether Saddam is alive or dead is a moot point. Since the so-called war was against Saddam, he is the only one who can sign a peace treaty.
   We do know that Bush has already, millions of dollars in contracts, to companies he favors, to clean up and rebuild. All given before the first shot was fired. We also know that he has taken over all the oil wells and refineries that Saddam had nationalized and used the oil profits to keep his country going. Now the citizen's of Iraq have no money to anything.
   At any rate, right now, Iraq has no government, no police, no laws, little food, water, hydro or anything else. Somebody has to feed 25 million people right away.
   I could go on forever but nobody really wants to hear the truth. Or am I right in this?
Thanks Again,

Laurie from Grand Bend, Ontario

August 31, 2009

Hello Global Outlook
   Congratulations and thanks to you, Mr. Woods, and to your contributing editors and writers for producing this excellent issue of Global Outlook.  Having been impressed with previous issues, I find this one to be the best and most comprehensive yet.  The depth and range of subjects covered, subjects rarely reported truthfully, if at all, by the major media, provide valuable insight for anyone seeking information and understanding of those events and forces that have been shaping our world, and which seem to be climaxing today. 
   It is rare to find in one publication, well-documented coverage that exposes government sponsorship of policies and events, past and present, that have contributed to so much to domestic and world unrest and angst ~ events such as previous major wars, 9/11 and it aftermath, the H1N1 pandemic scare, and global financial re-ordering, to name a few.
   Thank you for having the courage to 'speak out'.

Brian G. Finlayson from Waterloo, Ontario

Global Outlook

September 17, 2009

Dear Ian, Barrie, Terry & all the gang at Global Outlook

    The Collector's Edition Issue 13 is a gem full of well researched positive articles. Congratulations are in order. Any person who reads this issue will have little doubt about many cardinal issues that are not properly reported by complicit mainstream media. The fraudulent Federal Reserve monetary system expose puts the icing on the cake.
   Regards to all. 

Respectfully, John Cameron from Australia

January 29, 2012

Dear Ian,

   Good to talk to you this morning, kind of you to phone me back. Freeing ourselves from the tyranny of the system will be along haul unless we are prepared to die for what is right. (Alright for me to say at 82.) Still I am in touch with the Dene Nation in N. BC who are fighting mine tailings in their drinking water through Evnidge Pipeline. I have offered myself to their blockade in the Spring. More interesting and worthy than Doctor's appointments.
   Bless all us stalwart hearts who just hang in there against all odds.  Would love to take my rocking chair and just BE but still have to put some energy, no matter how meager, towards justice.

Sincerely, Daphne W. from Vernon, BC

January 5, 2004

Global Outlook,
   Issue #6 is especially crammed with important and useful information. I am particularly interested because I am in the process of editing the second volume of my husband's columns, "People vs. Profits". I believe you were sent a review copy of Volume 1; "The Home Front". This second volume deals with foreign countries an US foreign policy and I am constantly amazed at the relevance of these columns (I am working on the decade of the 60's at this point.) to current events. What Vic wrote then provides a remarkable background to developments that are now culminating in worldwide chaos.
   So it is certainly certain (!) that I find Global Outlook a significant contribution to the struggle for peace.

Ellen from New York

May 9, 2002

   Thank you ever so much for the copy of Global Outlook.  What a wonderful collection of articles, and so many of my favorite authors!
   I have already mailed an order form for my own personal benefit (subscription, book, video), and now I would like to do, as you suggested, pass out extra copies of GLOBAL OUTLOOK.  So I'm ordering fifty copies (forty of which will be mailed to friends I left behind in the East when I moved to Victoria).
   I can't tell you how much my spirits have improved by your efforts in putting together this remarkable first issue.  One can be aware of so very many good people on the internet making their voices heard here and there, but to have so many in one printed unit is really the ultimate!
   A thousand thanks (as the Scandinavians say) to you and that delightful and fearless co-editor of yours, whom, by the way, I went to hear at U Vic when I first arrived here close to three years ago.  I've been subscribing to FTW since the first issue, am familiar with other beacons of light like Fogal, Herman, Bello, and Parenti (not to mention Paul Hellyer, whose speech at Quebec City you printed in your last issue of Monetary Reform).
   Again many thanks!  I shall do what I can to spread the good word.
Yours truly,

Petrea from Victoria, B.C.

January 5, 2005

   I spent all day yesterday reading, from cover to cover, the latest edition of Global Outlook Magazine - - and would like to urge everyone on this list to obtain at least one copy of this edition for their own personal use. It's that good.
   I especially would like to recommend a very careful reading of the following two articles: "The Great Conspiracy, the 9/11 News Special You Never Saw" by Barrie Zwicker and "Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael C. Ruppert. I am confident that you'll see exactly why when you read them.
   The inquiry line for Global Outlook is 1-888-713-8500 (No longer operational). They are based in Ontario, Canada.
   All I am suggesting to my e-mail list is that, for now, it would be well worth your while to obtain 1 copy of issue #9 and see where you want to go with it from there.
   So, all yours! In truth and peace,

Val from Calgary, Alberta

January 16, 2003

   I must say I was absolutely delighted when I found your magazine.  When September 11 happened, conspiracy was the first thing I thought but was unable to find the facts.  I live in a small town and I do not own, or have regular use of a computer.  I mostly rely on the library.  I live in Napanee, Ontario.  In January 2002 I saw Jello Biafra do his spoken word routine in Kingston and it provided me with much of the info I had wanted.  Secret wars, facts behind September 11th, links between the Bush and bin Laden families.  I have found a few websites, but your magazine takes the cake!  I don't have to worry about who's looking over my shoulder in the library.  I love the mag but I must make a couple of complaints.  You are a Canadian publication, but where is the Canadian news?  Certainly our government is not full of do-gooders and truth-tellers.  What sort of dirty s*#t is our government up to?  One more.  I was absolutely shocked when I read an article that made reference to the airplane that crashed into the Pentagon.  I looked at a picture in People magazines' '9/11 Tribute' as well as others like it in corporate magazines.  I challenge anybody to find a single scrap of an airplane that was only slightly smaller than the ones that collapsed the WTC.  Find a hole in the Pentagon that this alleged plane would have fit in to.  There is a hole in some pictures but the wall collapsed some time after the initial attack.  Check out  Thank you for reading my letter and publishing the best magazine I have ever read.

Via E-mail: Rolend from Napanee, Ontario

October 9, 2002

Dear Global Outlook,
   For what it is worth, I am more shamed than proud to be American:  I disagree strongly with our current administration of G.W. Bush, on many things including attacking Iraq.  I communicate with my congressional representatives and major newspapers, and speak out to my neighbors, family, friends.
   With gratitude for you all in Canada, for your sanity - and hoping you realize not all U.S. citizens are walking the patriotic lock step with GW Bush (though enough are to be discouraging to a less hearty soul than myself).          

Patricia from Sebastopol, CA

January 30, 2012

Dear Ian,
   It is an honour for me to be associated with the 9/11 Truth Movement and all the courageous and brilliant people like yourself, doing so much to get the truth out and to keep this movement alive. I am especially proud to be a member of Global Outlook. Ian, you and your staff and all the contributing authors do wonderful work. The magazine is truly a remarkable and well-researched publication.
   Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary.

Sincerely, Janet A. from New York, New York

March 9, 2002

   I was just delighted with your "Global Outlook" magazine.  The 9/11 information fits very well with what we have already discovered. You are doing an excellent job.  Hang in there!

Hugh from Shawnigan Lake, B.C.

August 31, 2009

Hi Ian and Jennifer
   I just received the Global Outlook "Collector's Edition." Wow!!! What a powerful document! You have filled it with so many rich articles and excellent footnotes. It's a tour de force. Now let's just hope that ever-growing numbers of people are willing to take the time to explore your great work. Thank you so much, and you have a good day and month ahead.
   With deep gratitude and warm wishes.

Fred Burks, Contributor from Berkeley, California

December 2, 2010

Dear Editor, 
   Another year has nearly gone by and here we are waiting at the station for the 2011 train.  What a decade it has been.  What an ordeal of Lies, Coverups, Treason, Rationalizations, Heads-in-the-Sand, Beat-around-the-Bush (pun intended), Look-us-in-the-Face and Lies about the Lies, Coverup the Coverups, adding a whole new dimensions to the terms "Subversive Traitors" and "Sheep that Bleat Approval."
   We're starving for a turnaround for justice here.  Well there have been some important battles won and a few breakthroughs.  Those of us who yearn for the Truth and Justice feel endlessly thankful for the Truth Warriors we have.  The work they have done and the dedication they have shown are truly staggering, and there are many of us who will never forget their sacrifices.
   If we start naming them, people are going to go unmentioned without a comprehensive list.  There's going to have to be a Golden Book of Real Heroes.
   I am a critical, unforgiving, discerning and thorough reader with high expectations when it comes to content, documentation, referencing, focus, form, facts, motives and presentation.  Zero tolerance for hidden agendas.  I take off my hat to tenacious Truth-Seekers who labour to put their Stamp of Excellence upon their work.
   When I first started reading Global Outlook I was immediately impressed with the caliber of standards.  Believe me, I take them to pieces ~ the same as I do all the material that is worth my time. My approval has continued to grow over the years (in some ways it seems like a life-time waiting for such breakthroughs).
   The 9/11 Truth Movement has quite a number of shining stars, so many people we can feel thankful for every day for the rest of our lives.  Through frustration, adversity, intimidation and diversions they have laboured on; so often without thanks or proper recognition.
   No one anywhere has ever surpassed Global Outlook for demonstrated consistent quality of work and dedication to the ideals of truth and justice.  You all are definitely in that Golden Book.
   Think about this for a minute.  The U.S.A. should be awash with publications like Global Outlook!  Where are they? What's going on here?!  The premium journal of 9/11 Truth is in a foreign state (the subversive "Security Prosperity Partnership" notwithstanding).
   There's plenty of shame to go around.  If the controlled whore-media were not everything John Swinton said they are, there would never have been the necessity of the alternative press becoming the rescue line.
   Yes, I have been the "hawk-eyed, glowering, ready-to-jump-all-over-you, self-appointed judge" of Global Outlook.  But I take my hat off to your accomplishments every day.  You have surpassed everything that we ever could have hoped for in effectiveness and excellence.
   And as jaded as I am with all the layers of deceit and treachery surrounding 9/11, in my personal recognition of Global Outlook (which only acknowledges the objective reality), I have never meant anything I've ever said more sincerely.  Global Outlook has really been a rock of hope through very dark times; it creates the hope  that somehow eventually Decency and Justice and Truth will prevail over all the lies and evil.
   It has been said that justice delayed is justice denied, and I think there's a lot to that.  By so many credible accounts we are vortexing ever stronger toward in-your-face, all-out totalitarianism.  If this is what we're reduced to, we will continue to pick up chunks of truth and throw them at our oppressors as the only weapons we have.
   I definitely want to renew my membership and also get more educational material ~ really I wish I could order it all and send Global Outlook a cheque that would make a Rockefeller tremble!  (Now that's the kind of donation I'd love to make.)
   Thank you ... and may the Higher Power be with Global Outlook each and every day.

Sincerely, Daniel Riley from Hamiota, Manitoba

October 6, 2009

Re: Global Outlook Issue 13 - 2009
   The latest publication from Global Outlook (the magazine of the 9/11 Truth movement) is a nearly 300 page expose on False Flag operations and other deep deceptions that have led peoples and nations to war for centuries.
   It is a well written, meticulously researched and referenced work designed to give us a broader picture of the behind-the-scenes machinations by those (the Diaboligarchy / Invisible Government) who desire to rule the world.
   Given the severity of the subject matter and the near wholesale dismissal by 'mainstream society' of its mere existence, I am amazed and heartened by the dedication and perseverance of the staff at GO - my friends Ian Woods, Terry Burrows and Barrie Zwicker.
   Thoroughly engaging, and at times overwhelming, this Collectors Edition issue not only shines light on some of the world's dark actors but also provides prescription and practical tools for a World in Crisis.
   So, go get this magazine. Buy extra copies for those you care about who haven't yet realized that 9/11, and many more events in history, were 'Inside Jobs' designed to railroad populations into war and give up their rights. If you can't afford extra copies, the editors have thoughtfully formatted the magazine for easy photocopying.

In Peace and Love, Kelly Reinhardt ~

Truth Info for Concerned Citizens

May 13, 2003

Dear Friends,
   This is to renew my subscription to Global Outlook for another year and make a contribution to the very important work you are doing.
   I look forward to receiving your publication as it covers all important issues in the world today.  The articles are extremely well written and researched, and are an ideological tool to aid in opening one's mind and raising one's political consciousness.  Read Global Outlook and you will see right through the lies and deceit we are fed daily by our politicians and their media.
   Love you guys. Keep up the great work.  I'll send more money when I can.          

Nicole from New York, NY

January 31, 2012

   Hi ~ I read all of your newsletter with great interest as always. Very well written like all your stuff. You are like bulldogs that won't let go ~BRAVO to all of you!
   I wrote what you said right across the front of the letter in big block letters for inspiration "But we aren't giving up ~ not now~ not ever!" These are truly inspiring words for us all. Now if I had pulled off any crime and you people were after me, you would put a decided chill in my heart, yes, even after ten years! What is on our side of course is Right and the Truth. These are mighty weapons in any fight for precious justice. Even if you had all decided to retire you could do so in all honour. 
   For ten long years you have worked yourselves half to death I'm sure, and you have literally in every way, put out a magnificent effort that a great many of us will never ever forget. The enormous crimes of 9/11 and the hideous cover-up burn at us all like acid and it's hard to take. But your efforts and your publications are a relief to know that in spite of all the evil, there are intelligent and deadly effective truth warriors like yourselves fighting for us all. (Which of course includes all the dummies that are still scoffing and putting you down.)
   I would LOVE to send you 10 G's and be a platinum member ~ unfortunately, I can't, but many of us who can't are behind you just as strong in spirit. Don't ever think it's a thankless job because we appreciate your work more than we could ever tell you. For ten years your work has been pricelessly (literally) valuable. ~ By the way ~ You always have my permission to use anything I might say because I will (and do) say the same to anyone.
   Your work will outlast us all and will always be around for posterity to demonstrate to the world that many of the people couldn't be fooled any of the damned time. Maybe there will be a 'keystone' in all of this crime aftermath that will shift in our favour and bring on our avalanche of justice. As you know there are extremely prominent people who know the truth, and have not talked ~ not yet. If one ever does, it could start something big ~ let's hope so.
   Now here's something that I've been thinking about for a long time. These supposed 'hijackers' that are still alive; where are they now and has anyone ever gone after them to tell their story? Now wouldn't that be a huge deal. (Damn the controlled media and their complicity as usual.) Speaking of controlled lapdogs like the media, it would be interesting indeed to see how many of the great number of politicians you sent info packages to ~ have even bothered to respond in any way (One? Two?) This will be to their eternal shame, and they wear it well too. Well, you certainly did your part and then some.
   My very best wishes to all of you in 2012 and may it be a breakthrough year. Some way, somehow, your great diligence and sacrifice will begin to get even more traction and be rewarded. It's already taken way longer than we would like, but who knows what's waiting around the next corner?

Sincerely, Daniel R. from Homiota, Manitoba